Orders for Grimminger transfer to Ludwigsburg

The Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court.

Berlin, May 4, 1943

6J 24/43.



1) Letter to be written:

To the Director Warden of the investigative prison Stadelheim Prison, Munich of the criminal courts. Prisoner Number: H196/43.

In the criminal matter against Schmorell et al, I herewith request the immediate transfer of the condemned Eugen Grimminger to the Penitentiary in Ludwigsburg, by means of group transport.

I herewith enclose a transport certificate (white – green).

2) Intake request as in attachment 1 in duplicate, and with enclosure of a certified copy of the executable verdict.

3) Send enclosed simple verdict wording to the Secret State Police [Gestapo], State Police Headquarters in [blank], attention: [blank].

4) 3) Enclosed certified copy of the verdict to be sent to:

a) Chief district magistrate in

Police Chief in Stuttgart

To be added to the criminal records of Eugen Grimminger.

5) 4) In three weeks.

By order of /Signed: G./

1) – 3) done May 6 [no name].


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (63)

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