Weyersberg re prison transfers


The Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court
File No.: 6J 24/43
Please cite in response.

Berlin W9, May 4, 1943
Bellevue Str. 15
Tel: 218341

To the Executive District Attorney of the Higher Regional Court in Munich.

Regarding: Placement of the condemned in prisons
Encl: 1 document [Note 1]

In the criminal matter against Schmorell et al, I enclose a copy of the verdict of the 1st Senate of the People’s Court dated April 19, 1943. I herewith request to be advised to which prisons the following condemned shall be transferred, as they are currently being held in Stadelheim Prison, Munich:

1) Katharina Schüddekopf, No. 13 in the verdict
2) Gisela Schertling, No. 12 in the verdict
3) Traute Lafrenz, No. 14 in the verdict.

The condemned have no prior convictions. As petty offenders, they are to be regarded in accordance with the 5th revision of the Sentence Execution Ordinance (A.V. dated December 22, 1942).

I would be grateful if you would expedite this matter.

By order of
Signed Weyersberg.


Note 1: This document was followed by a three-page excerpt from the trial transcript, specifically highlighting Gisela Schertling’s personal data and sentence imposed.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (183)

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