Grimminger prison transfer (Ludwigsburg)

/Stamp: Stadelheim Prison, Munich/
Prison Record No. H195/43
(Please cite in all correspondence.)

Telephone: [blank], Extension: [blank]

Munich, May 17, 1943

/Stamp: Attorney General’s Office of the People’s Court, May 20, 1943/

Your file no. 6J 24/43

To the Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court in Berlin, Sentence Execution Division.

Advice Regarding Departure of a Prisoner or Person in Custody.
(Nrn. 207, Abs. 1, 208 Abs. 3 VollzO)

Family name: Grimminger (for women, maiden name as well)
First name: Eugen Franz
Last occupation: CPA
Date of birth: July 29, 1892
Place of birth: Crailsheim
Citizenship: German Reich
Race or nationality: [blank]
Marital status: Married
Number of children: —
Last residence before intake for serving sentence: Stuttgart, Altenberg Str. 42

III. The condemned was transferred to the Penitentiary in Ludwigsburg in the above matter on May 15 [sic], 1943 at [blank] o’clock.

Reason for departure: Transfer to prison to serve out sentence.

Name: /Signed: [Illegible]/
Office: Administrative Employee


Editor’s note: Despite the comment that Grimminger (and Bauer and Bollinger) were transferred on May 15, they did not leave Munich for Ludwigsburg via Ulm until May 17.


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (67)

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