Payment to Sperling re duplicating machine

Moabit Court Treasury

Berlin, RW 40, May 25, 1943
Turm Str. 91.

/Stamp: Reicht [illegible], received May 26, 1943/

Notice of Payment for the Payment of Fees and Fines

Date of Payment: May 22, 1943.
Description of payment to be made: OGV Sperling – Scholl et al.
Description of the matter, file number: 8J. 35.43.
Amount: 10.67 Marks [$85.36].
Notes (e.g. payer’s memo on transaction, etc.): File in Execution Volume. /Initials: [Illegible]/, May 26, 1943.
Recorded: EGSt. A. No. 79143.
To: Bureau Department 8J.
To: District Court Regional Court People’s Court.
To: State Attorney General’s Office in Berlin NW 40.
Treasurer – Cashier: /Signature: [Illegible]/
Bookkeeper: /Signature: [Illegible]/
JKassO. 2. Notice of Payment (§39, paragraph 1, JKassO.)
Reinhold Kühn Printers A.G., Berlin SW 68.


Source: ZC13267 (245)

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