Schmorell burial costs

Head Mayor of the Capital of the Movement
Department of the Office of Interment

Bank Account No.: 115
Chief Municipal Bank of MunichLocal telephone: 5794391, or
Long distance: 51221

Return address:
Municipal Office of Interment, Thalkirchner Str. 17, Munich 15

To Dr. Hugo Schmorell, General Practitioner
Benediktenwand Str. 12
Munich 9

Your reference: [Blank]
Your correspondence dated: [Blank]
Our reference: [Blank]
Date: July 13, 1943

Reference: [Blank]

The Schmorell verdict has been executed. Funeral to take place on July 14, 1943 at 6:15 p.m. at the Perlacher Forst [Forest] Cemetery. Costs are approximately RM 100 [$800]. It is absolutely necessary to first appear at the Office of Interment.

/Signature: Hemmel?/

/Form No.: B.A. No. 8 10000 Ms 20.5.41/


Note: Since Alexander Schmorell was executed late afternoon on July 13, and this letter was written “on” July 13, 1943, it is likely that Hugo and Elisabeth Schmorell did not receive it until after the burial had already taken place. Especially when compared to later statements that they were not told where their son was buried.-Ed.

Source: RGWA (51)

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