Invoice for police transport, 3rd White Rose Trial

[illegible file number]


Police Department for Starnberg County
Starnberg County, Upper Bavaria

——-ooooo——- [Note 1]

[illegible] No. [blank], quarter
Month of July 1943
Starnberg, July 14, 1943

Regarding: Transportation costs for Gisela Schertling, born February 9, 1922, for preparation to high treason.

In accordance with 5.G. Munich dated June 26, 1943.

File No.: 15 Js 661/43 (II 191/43 [Illegible]).
Delivered to the Police Chief in Munich on July 12, 1943, 4 pm.

To be returned to the office of the Special Court in Munich, with the request to note the transportation incurred costs of 6.00 RM in the files, and to confirm execution of this document.

Starnberg, July 14, 1943
County Police Department
Signed by Wald.
First Lieutenant in the County.


Note 1: This was exactly how it appeared in the document.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (141)

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