List of stored evidence

Chief Prosecutor
3 a – 18059.
The Chief Prosecutor of the Reich
People’s Court
In Berlin W9
Bellevue Str.: 15

Munich, September 17, 1943
Prielmayr Str. 5
Telephone: Local exchanges 5791
Long distance 57801
/Initial: [Illegible]/

Regarding: Criminal matter of Scholl et al

Your ref. 8 J 35/43.

In the criminal proceedings against Johann Scholl et al, the following items were stored at the assessor’s storage site of the Office of the District Attorney I:

2 portable typewriters, each with case

1 duplicating machine with cover and 1 output-basket

1 suitcase with leaflets

1 briefcase with papers

2 cardboard boxes of papers

1 backpack with leaflets


12 cases @ 16 pieces with ammunition for pistol

Total 201 bullets

9 bullets

1 pistol

1 envelope with 2 wallets, papers, and ration cards for food

3 metal containers and 1 metal bucket, all with paint

2 paintbrushes

1 pair of gloves

1 template

Out of the above items, 2 portable typewriters (with cases) and 1 duplicating machine were sent to you on March 29, 1943 as ordered. No other typewriter was received. I have instructed the assessor’s storage site to make all the other items stored with regards to 13 226/43 II A/Son available to the Secret State Police [Gestapo], State Police Headquarters in Munich.

Signed by Helm.
/Seal: Chief Prosecutor of the Upper District Court Munich/

Certified by: /Signature: [Illegible]/
Court employee


Source: ZC13267 (86)

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