How to navigate, and general use

If working in a blog format is new to you, here are a few tips to help you navigate.

1) If you are interested in seeing everything chronologically, go to ARCHIVES, click on January 1933 (once we upload documents from that month). Find the earliest post, likely January 31, 1933. Click on the title, and it will open up the full post.

After you’ve read it, the next post will display in the lower RIGHT-hand corner. Once you’ve read it, keep going. The next post will always be in the lower RIGHT-hand corner.

2) If you are interested in a single person, find their name in the Category INDEX. Click on that name. It will bring up all posts for that person.

If you’re following a person’s trail only: After you read one post, use your browser’s BACK button to go back to the filtered list, and click on the next post about that person. The “next post” displayed in the bottom right-hand corner is not the next post about that person, but rather the next post chronologically.

3) If you want to read only one type of document, e.g. legal representation or interviews, click on that CATEGORY topic and proceed as in 2) above.

GENERAL NOTE: We have also included statements from the interrogations or indictments that are clearly false, such as the allegation in the February 21, 1943 indictment that Hans Scholl wrote the sixth leaflet (Kurt Huber did). We’ve left these misstatements in, juxtaposed against reality, so it’s clear how inaccuracies can creep into the historical record when documents are improperly used. It is critical to compare all sources.-Ed.

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