Hans Scholl’s words to Gisela Schertling

Question: Today after you were taken into custody, have you spoken with any of your acquaintances? If so, what did you talk about?

Answer: Yes. As I was being led out of the university, I ran into Gisela Schertling still inside the building. Like all the other students, she also had to wait in the university foyer until the university was re-opened. I told her these exact words: “Go home and tell Alex, if he’s there, he should not wait for me.” Continue reading

More about Gisela and Sophie mailing leaflets

I also knew that it would be completely useless and futile to try to convince Hans Scholl not to distribute the leaflets. Therefore I did not try to argue my viewpoint.

That is also why I did not object when Sophie Scholl took the leaflets to be mailed. When I helped her put the leaflets in the mailbox, I thought it simply had to take its course. I thought there was nothing else I could do. Continue reading