Cross-examination: Heinrich Guter

Guter attempts to excuse his failure to report on the basis of camaraderie. And indeed, we wish to raise our youth [to value] camaraderie, but in this case, it is uncalled for. One cannot grant camaraderie to people who exclude themselves from camaraderie with their treasonous actions. There are higher duties to the entire community at stake here.


Source: Verdict with reason, second trial

Katharina Schüddekopf’s “C.V.”

My political thinking and my attitudes towards the National Socialist State are conditioned by and based on the understanding of an academically educated person and on the understanding of a woman. [Note 1] Continue reading

Willi Graf at Scholls’ apartment

Last Friday, I visited him for the last time in his apartment. At this moment, I could not say whether his sister (who lives in the same apartment) was also present. During these visits, we primarily discussed literary matters more than any other topic. As far as I know Hans Scholl, he is among those German men who have dedicated themselves to a German victory. Incidentally, I am shocked that such a question could even be posed during this time of war. Continue reading

Gisela Schertling: Daily routines

Remonstrance and question: Our additional investigations have determined that you and the Scholl siblings – but especially you and Hans Scholl – had a very close relationship. Therefore, your statements are no longer credible when you say you knew nothing about the entire activity. Do you not wish to finally tell the truth in this regard? Continue reading

Käthe visits Hans Scholl

I know the following about Hans Scholl’s visits: Around the first or middle of January, a ‘Fräulein’ appeared. She was introduced to me as Karin [sic] Schüddekopf. On that occasion, Schüddekopf was delivering a couple of books. She gave them to Hans Scholl in his room. She stayed there for about 8 minutes. At that time, Sophie Scholl was the only other person with me in the apartment. Continue reading

Eickemeyer’s observations re political opinions

Question: In your judgment, what were the political viewpoints of Hans Scholl, his sister Sophie Scholl, the artist Wilhelm Geyer, the physiotherapist Harald Dohrn, and the medical students Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf? Continue reading