Effects of Russian front on Alexander Schmorell

My love for the Russian people was only heightened by my tour of duty on the Eastern Front in Summer 1942, because I saw with my own eyes, that the characteristics and the character of the Russian people had not been changed greatly by Bolshevism. Under these circumstances, perhaps it will even be understandable that the state of war between the Russian and German people pained me deeply and made me wish that Russia could emerge from this war with negligible losses. Continue reading

Hans Scholl – Certification as Medic

I was furloughed to the school of the medical corps in Tübingen for six months. I passed my certification as medic there and was discharged in March 1939 to study [medicine].


Note: This does not make complete sense. Hans Scholl clearly started his six month course in Tubingen at the first of November 1938, which means he did not stay there an entire six months.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943