Decision to “scatter” at the university

After I had finished mailing these leaflets and was convinced that my plan had been successful (I sent one to myself and was notified [of delivery] before by at least Schmorell and Graf), I had the idea to distribute the remaining leaflets among the student body or rather at the university. When my sister returned to Munich on Sunday, February 12 14, 1943, I showed her the leaflets I had produced and determined that she was in agreement with their content.


General note: The dating of this decision is directly linked to Alex Schmorell’s burning of his uniform and paybook, which likely took place on February 11, 1943. More about this once Lilo Ramdohr’s information is uploaded. Additionally, the comment about showing the leaflet to Sophie Scholl on February 14 comes after Hans Scholl’s comment about making the decision to scatter the leaflets at the university.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943 (after 4 a.m.)

Alexander Schmorell – after the scattering operation

We met up at Scholl’s residence around 1:30 a.m. Willy [sic] Graf returned from his excursion about half an hour later. He then returned to his residence, while I spent the night at Scholl’s. This was the same kind of propaganda we were primarily forced to undertake, because at this time we could not procure any envelopes. We did not scatter leaflets on any other night. Continue reading

Alexander Schmorell re scattering operation

The night of January 27 / 28 (sic), 1943, Hans Scholl, Willi Graf, and I left Scholl’s residence and went to various neighborhoods so we could scatter copies of the “To All Germans” [Note 1] leaflet within the city. We had around 1,500 copies of that leaflet with us, which we divided evenly among ourselves. For example, I took my briefcase (I kept the leaflets in it) along Kaulbach Str., Tal Str., Kanal Str. and Amalien Str., and set out my leaflets along the way. Several times on Kaulbach Str., I entered the courtyards [of houses] to set out my leaflets. I did not enter the main post office building on Residenz Str. Continue reading

The scattering operation

… also, the following night Scholl, Schmorell, and I scattered the leaflets on the streets of Munich.

Already the same evening that we were running off these leaflets mentioned above in Scholl’s apartment, Hans Scholl told me that these leaflets were to be distributed in Munich the next night and that I should help. I agreed and met him as appointed on January 28, 1943 around 11 pm in Scholl’s apartment, where the Scholl siblings and Schmorell were already present. Continue reading