Freisler reads leaflets into record

The presiding judge read the verdict of the People’s Court against Scholl and 2 others dated February 22, 1943 aloud – 1H 47/43 – as well as the leaflets that had been written or distributed by the accused. However, he read only excerpts from the 4 leaflets of the “White Rose” [Note 1]. Continue reading

Prison transfer: Wittelsbacher Palace to court

The Scholl siblings and Christoph Probst were transferred from the Gestapo prison (Wittelsbacher Palace) to the courtroom.

See: “The accused appeared on today’s date, called to the trial by order of the /illegible/, brought to the courtroom from the local interrogation facilities the prison of the State Police Headquarters in Munich.” Continue reading

Bischoff leaves for Regensburg

[Expense report states:] 2/21/43: Trip to Regensburg, 2nd class train ticket, depart 9:20 p.m., arrive 11:31 p.m.


Note: This side trip is not explained in any documents. Unknown whether it was related to the White Rose trial, or whether it was a personal trip, or related to a different legal matter altogether.


Source: Bischoff’s expense report dated February 24, 1943