Grimminger handles Scholl’s business affairs

While Scholl was in prison, I represented him in Ulm. Since the residence and offices of Scholl Senior are in the same house, I naturally got to know his family better. With regards to Inge Scholl, I can only say that she concerns herself with high philosophical questions or rather reads books like that. … Continue reading

Hans Scholl’s 1937 arrest (summary)

The State Police Headquarters in Stuttgart brought charges of “bündische” [Note 1] activities against the accused Scholl and his brother Werner and his sister Inge, which led to their being taken into temporary custody.


Note 1: Participating in youth groups other than Hitler Youth. The charges were brought even though Hans and Inge remained members of Hitler Youth. These were not the only charges brought against Hans Scholl in December 1937.


Source: ZC13267, Indictment (42 – 43)