Negative opinion re early release

The Warden [Note 1] of the Women’s and Juvenile Prison Rothenfeld

Rothenfeld, September 27, 1943
Tel: [blank] Herrsching a.A.

/Stamp: September 29, 1943/

Post Erling-Andechs / Train Station Herrsching
Postscheck Account Munich No. 56875

To the Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court, Berlin.

Regarding: 181/43 Schüddekopf Katharina, 6J 24/43 g, 2 enclosures

I do not approve the clemency petition on behalf of the prisoner Katharina Schüddekopf. According to the expert medical opinion, which I am forwarding as an attachment, Sch. is capable of serving out her sentence. We are taking her physical condition into account here as much as possible.

Incidentally, because of the nature of the crime and due to the [short] remainder of the sentence, I do not believe that a conditional early release should be considered. The prisoner’s conduct is proper.

/Signed: [Illegible]/
Head Nurse [Note 2]


Note 1: Female warden (Vorsteherin).

Note 2: Erste Oberin. There are also handwritten notes that are too illegible even for guesswork.

Editor’s note: The medical opinion was not included in the prosecutor’s file.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (152)

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