Turning point in Hans Scholl’s second interrogation

After the letters etc. that were found in my desk have been produced for me, among these an envelope containing 140 8-Pfennig stamps, and after I have been repeatedly and carefully exhorted to tell the truth, I am ready to tell the whole truth. My previous statements are only partially correct. I will now make a coherent description of my activities.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

Leaflet VI, by Professor Kurt Huber

German Students! [Note 1]

Our nation stands shaken before the demise of the heroes [Note 2] of Stalingrad. The brilliant strategy of a Lance Corporal from the World War has senselessly and irresponsibly driven [Note 3] three hundred thirty thousand German men to death and destruction. Führer, we thank you! Continue reading

Leaflet II

Leaflets of the White Rose II

It is impossible to come to terms with National Socialism on an intellectual basis, because it is simply not intellectual. You cannot speak of a National Socialist ideology. If such a thing existed, you would be forced to try to defend or engage it on an intellectual basis. Continue reading