Freisler reads leaflets into record

The presiding judge read the verdict of the People’s Court against Scholl and 2 others dated February 22, 1943 aloud – 1H 47/43 – as well as the leaflets that had been written or distributed by the accused. However, he read only excerpts from the 4 leaflets of the “White Rose” [Note 1]. Continue reading

Harder’s second profile


Professor Harder – Munich 22, February 18, 1943
Ludwig Str. 14, 1st staircase

After two leaflets (A and B) were submitted to me yesterday, I received four additional leaflets (Leaflets of the White Rose No. I – IV) today. I will designate these with the letters C – F and once again use line numbers. In addition I have been advised that it has been proven through technical means that the author of A B is identical to the author of C – F. Continue reading

More about Gisela and Sophie mailing leaflets

I also knew that it would be completely useless and futile to try to convince Hans Scholl not to distribute the leaflets. Therefore I did not try to argue my viewpoint.

That is also why I did not object when Sophie Scholl took the leaflets to be mailed. When I helped her put the leaflets in the mailbox, I thought it simply had to take its course. I thought there was nothing else I could do. Continue reading

Alexander Schmorell re hiding duplicating machine

When we were finished duplicating our leaflets, we took the duplicating machine to the property Leopold Str. 38, studio, cellar, purely out of security considerations. Hans Scholl /added by hand: and/ I carried this out. In so doing, we were in agreement that production of leaflets would be only temporarily suspended and that should the appropriate occasion arise, we would do it again. Continue reading

Hans and Alex mail leaflets

Once I saw Hans Scholl leave with the rucksack. However, I do not know what he was hiding in it. On that occasion, Hans Scholl additionally took the portable typewriter with him. Schmorell also left with Hans Scholl. I saw that the rucksack was fairly full, but I could not tell what it contained. I was not present when they packed it. Continue reading

Gestapo summary: Gisela and the leaflets

When Hans Scholl’s political activity became especially evident the week before his arrest and he and his accomplice Schmorell stayed in the apartment nights, Schertling became convinced that the two of them were involved in treasonous activity. Her suspicions were strengthened when she was with Hans Scholl daily (and spent the night there) the week before his arrest when Sophie Scholl was gone. Continue reading