Adding Gisela Schertling

Since we’re trying to add data to this history “blog” with White Rose inner circle first, spreading out from there, perhaps it does not make sense to do Gisela Schertling next. After all, she was not part of White Rose resistance. If anything, she caused much of the discord within the group.

Because Gisela Schertling was 100% a Nazi. She believed in Hitler’s cause with every ounce of her being. (Which makes Hans and Sophie Scholl’s friendship with her puzzling indeed.) Continue reading

Verdict, second White Rose trial (Schmorell copy)

6 J 24 /43

1 H 101/43


In the criminal case against Continue reading

Minutes of the trial

/Stamp: April 28, 1943/

Public Session of the 1st Council of the People’s Court

Munich, April 19, 1943 Continue reading

Verdict with reasons

2nd Trial Against the Students in Munich
April 19, 1943
Munich – Palace of Justice Continue reading

Cross-examination: Katharina and Gisela

One time she assisted with the distribution of leaflets, but the People’s Court does not charge her particularly with that crime. It happened as follows: She was going out with the Scholl sister, who was carrying a briefcase. She stopped at a mailbox, opened the briefcase, and began putting letters in the mailbox. Schertling helped her by raising the lid of the mailbox. This happened so suddenly and unexpectedly, that she did not think at that time that she was helping to undermine the State. Continue reading

Request for Schertling arrest record

[Left-hand side of page:]

With reference to the excerpt on the reverse, send original copy back to: 8J 37/43.

To the Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court in Berlin, W9 Bellevue Str. 15.

/Postmark: Rudolstadt, April 17, 1943/
/Stamp: Postage free [postage paid, official government business]/
/Stamp: Attorney General’s Office of the People’s Court, Received April 18, 1943/

[Right-hand side of page:]

In original document, with the request: unlimited – limited – in a matter of a misdemeanor – in accordance with § 35 StRVO (please cross out whatever does not apply).

Location and date: Berlin, April 13, 1943

Signature: By order of /Signed: [Illegible]/, Justice Employee

Office: Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the People’s Court
8J 37/43

/Stamp: District Attorney’s Office, Rudolstadt, April 16, 1943/

To the District Attorney’s Office in Rudolstadt (Strafregister)
/Postmark: Berlin SW11, April 15, 1942 [sic]/


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (3)

Schertling parents interviewed

Secret State Police [Gestapo]
State Police Headquarters Munich
Munich, April 2, 1943
Vol. No. [blank]. II A/Sond. [Special Commission]

The parents of Gisela Schertling – Paul Schertling (owner of a book printing company and businessman, born June 3, 1889 in Pössneck), and Lotte Sch., nee Pressler (born April 19, 1895 in Pössneck) – appeared voluntarily. With regards to their daughter Gisela, they make the following statement: Continue reading