Intake request for Gisela Schertling

The Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court
(Information regarding enforcement authority.)

File No. 6J 24/43g
(Please cite in all correspondence)

Berlin, June 7, 1943
Tel: [blank], Extension [blank]

Petty Offender!

Intake Request

To the Warden of the Women’s Prison in Rothenfeld, Erling Post on Ammersee

I. The following shall be received to serve her sentence:

1) Last name and first name: Schertling, Gisela
2) Occupation: Former [university] student
3) Date and place of birth: February 9, 1922 in Pößneck / Thüringen
4) Place of residence [city and street address]. In case unknown, last known residence in freedom: Last place of residence, Munich, prior to that Pößneck / Thüringen.

II. Sentence to be fulfilled:

1) Type and length of sentence (to be stated as recorded in verdict): Prison, one year. Or remainder of sentence (this shall be stated according to the days and hours of the original sentence).

2) Sentence (type and time, court, reference number, description of crime and punishment, in addition to loss of freedom primary and secondary sentences or measures to be taken to ensure security and rehabilitation): See verdict.

III. The condemned

has been summoned to [voluntarily] present herself before date: [blank]

is being transferred from Stadelheim Prison in Munich.

is still in investigative custody. Such custody shall be interrupted for the remainder of sentence. Consent to such interruption is enclosed.

is currently serving a sentence. This sentence shall remain in effect and shall then run consecutively with the new sentence.

[Preprinted at bottom of page: Intake Request for Serving of Sentence (§15 of the SVO).
VollstrO. 1
Anwaltsdruckerei Waldheim (Sachs).]

IV. Calculation of sentence

1) Before the time for intake or re-intake for completion of sentence, the date from which the sentence shall be calculated (please justify): April 19, 1943.

2) The dates from the day stated above that shall not be included in calculation of length of sentence (please justify):  — days, — hours.

3) Date of intake or re-intake for completion of sentence (shall be inserted by institution where sentence shall be served, in red ink): [blank]

4) Investigative custody that was served till date of verdict and which shall be deducted [from sentence]: March 29 to April 19, 1943.

V. Other remarks

1) Citizenship: German Reich
2) Race or nationality: German.
3) Not free since: March 29, 1943
4) Co-defendants, especially those also condemned? See verdict.
5) Sentence to follow this one?
6) Emotionally or intellectually degenerate [Note 1]? Ill? Pregnant? (If necessary, please attach certified copies in support.)
7) Flight risk, insubordinate, suicide risk, homosexual activity?
8) For minors: Foster home, protective custody? Competent authorities? –

State Police Headquarters in Munich carried out the police investigation – Vol. No. 13226/43-II A Sond. She has no previous convictions.


1. 1 duplicate of the intake request.
2. 1 excerpt from the criminal records.
3. Copy of verdict with reasons. For a retroactive consolidated sentence, copies of all verdicts with all individual sentences imposed.
4. Criminal files.
5. [Blank]

By order of /Signed: [Illegible]/

Done June 9, 1943 Res., Mailed 6/10/43.


Note 1: Abartig. Literally deviant.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (186 – 187)

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