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In the summer of 1942, the voice of the White Rose could barely be heard. The students distributed no more than 100 copies of each leaflet – painfully typing by hand (with carbon copies), or running off a few dozen more on a slow, hand-cranked duplicating machine.

But in November of that year, a businessman named Eugen Grimminger, together with his assistant Tilly Hahn and some of their colleagues, assembled the funds needed to supply the students in Munich with paper, envelopes, high-end duplicating machines, and money for stamps and train travel. Only then could the friends we know as the White Rose amp up their efforts. They mailed and handed out around 10,000 each of Leaflets Five and Six.

Just as they needed financial support to “get the word out” about Hitler’s crimes against humanity, so we too need your support and your assistance. It costs money to acquire archives, make documentaries, and travel for speaking engagements. Not to mention, buy groceries and keep electricity turned on while translating documents into English or working with students on a project.

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Thank you for making us and our efforts a part of your lives!

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