Verdict, second White Rose trial (Schmorell copy)

6 J 24 /43

1 H 101/43


In the criminal case against Continue reading

Minutes of the trial

/Stamp: April 28, 1943/

Public Session of the 1st Council of the People’s Court

Munich, April 19, 1943 Continue reading

Verdict with reasons

2nd Trial Against the Students in Munich
April 19, 1943
Munich – Palace of Justice Continue reading

Gestapo memorandum in support of indictment

Secret State Police [Gestapo]
State Police Headquarters Munich

Munich, March 23, 1943 Continue reading

Helmut and Heinz listen to “illegal” radio

[Freisler’s verdict with reasons:] For the sake of the security of the Reich, a verdict like this must show that when mature men [Note 1] with college educations, such as these two are, fail to report such activity, they will be sent to the penitentiary. The police cannot be everywhere. The national community is hereby advised that everyone who considers himself a respectable German will support the Party, the State, and the authorities. When he hears of such treasonous activities, he will report them. Continue reading

Willi Graf visits Helmut Bauer

I spent the evening of January 23, 1943 with the medical student Helmut Bauer from Saarbrücken, currently a student at the University of Freiburg, since Dr. Bollinger (whom I wanted to visit) was not in town at the time. Once again, I assure you that I did not initiate Bauer in any way into our plans and intentions of producing and distributing leaflets. Continue reading

Willi Graf visits Helmut Bauer

From Bonn, I traveled to Freiburg i.Br. on January 23, 1943 and arrived between 4 and 6 pm. I wanted to visit an old college friend named Rudi Alt, residing in Freiburg, Ludwig Str. 22?, but I did not meet up with him. Instead, I visited the medical student Helmut Bauer, who is from Saarbrücken, my homeland. I spent the evening with him.


Source: Sixth interrogation of Willi Graf, March 1, 1943