Decision to pay Deppisch’s pre-trial legal fees

6J 24/43
1 Journal 390/43
1H 101/43

July 5, 1943

Decree [Note 1]

In the Criminal Case against Schmorell et al for preparation to commit high treason.

The 1st Senate of the People’s Court met on July 5, 1943 after hearing the accounting office of the People’s Court. We hereby decree:

Taking into account that the trial took place before expiration of the declaration deadline and within the time frame when he actively worked in the defense of the accused, we hereby grant Attorney-at-Law Dr. Deppisch (Munich 23, Leopold Str. 56) payment of his fees in accordance with §§67, 72 RAGebO, for reasons of fairness.

Signed: [illegible]

[illegible] [Note 2]



Note 1: The decree is in the file twice. First as the signed original, then as a typed copy. However, the copy is not noted as such.

Note 2: Neither of the illegible names is Freisler.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (138)

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