Deisinger re typewriter

S. Deisinger
Attorney at Law
Munich 15, Nuβbaum Str. 12/I – Munich, July 1, 1943

Telephone [illegible]
Bank account no. 21220, Post Bank
/Stamp: [Illegible], July 3, 1943/

To the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court
Berlin W9
Bellevue Str. 15.

With regards to: Schmorell in re high treason

6 J 24/43 g8735/43

1 H 101/43 /REG./

With regards to the above matter, I herewith submit the power of attorney [granted to me by] Mr. Karl Pötzl, chemical engineer, Munich 9, Harthauser Str. 109, and take the liberty of presenting the following [facts]:

My client lives near the villa of the family of Dr. Schmorell. He has known Alexander Schmorell since childhood. Over the course of the past several years, Alexander Schmorell has repeatedly borrowed the Pötzl family’s typewriter; the last time was a short while before his arrest. My client had no idea how the typewriter was being used. It was part of the estate of the deceased father (+1938) of my client. His mother and his 17-year-old brother Hermann are the legal heirs.

My client requests in the name of the estate that the typewriter be returned to him. He has need of it above all, because he is employed with the SS-Sturm [division] 12/1 (on leave as head of household for a bereaved family) and has to take care of quite a bit of written work.

His brother Hermann is a Jungvolkführer with Hitler Youth and likewise must take care of a great deal of written work. The Jungvolk office of the regimental division 12/Regiment L has already entered a request for release of the typewriter with the Gestapo [Note 1] in Munich.

The typewriter is a portable Remington. It is recognizable by the metal strip on the right side of the typewriter that holds an eraser.

My client has already given the Gestapo a description of the typewriter and has requested its release.

I assume that the interrogation transcript is included with the files regarding the crime [Note 2].

Since both my client and his brother badly need the typewriter, I request that its release be arranged and that I be advised of same.

/Signature: [Illegible]/
Attorney at Law.

/Handwritten notes:

1. Report of delivery.

2. With 1 attachment to the Secret State Police [Gestapo] State Police Headquarters in Munich. With regards to 13226/IIA [illegible].

The interrogation of Pötzl cannot be found here. The typewriter has been [illegible] in the proceedings against Schmorell et al./

/Stamp: Berlin, July 6, 1943
Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court/

/Signature: [Illegible]/

/Handwritten notes: 63 24 / 43 [file number] with 8735/43/

[At the bottom of the document, the following stamp:

/Stamp: Secret State Police [Gestapo], State Police Headquarters, Munich
Received July 9, 1943

/Signature: July 12, Mahler/]


Note 1: Written correctly in original document as GeStaPo. Throughout this document.

Note 2: The “interrogation transcript” refers to Pötzl’s report, while the “crime” refers to Alexander Schmorell’s files.


Source: ZC13267 (89 – 90)

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