Katharina Schüddekopf’s assets

Warden of Women’s Prison, Rothenfeld
Prisoner No. 181/43
(Please cite in all correspondence.)

Rothenfeld, June 30, 1943

/Stamp: Reich Attorney General’s Office, July 5, 1943/

To: The Cost Accounting Department of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the People’s Court in Berlin, Bellevue Str. 15

Regarding intake requested dated June 7, 1943, reference 6J 24/43.

For the prisoner named Schüddekopf Katharina, the sum of 66 RM [$528] is being held in safekeeping. Of this money, 16 RM [$128] is blocked to cover costs of trial. It is herewith requested that you give orders regarding the disposition of the 50 Mark [$400.00] excess and the 16 RM [$128.00] amount. If a decision has not been reached within 14 days of the day this document was prepared, it will be assumed that there is no intent to make use of the RM 16.

/Signature illegible/
Name: By order of [illegible]
Administration – Inspector – Secretary.

[Form No.] VollzO. A 23 Report regarding assets to be declared.

Labor Administration Plötzensee. – T—[illegible] DinA5 [illegible]/


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (142)

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