Request for Schertling arrest record

[Left-hand side of page:]

With reference to the excerpt on the reverse, send original copy back to: 8J 37/43.

To the Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court in Berlin, W9 Bellevue Str. 15.

/Postmark: Rudolstadt, April 17, 1943/
/Stamp: Postage free [postage paid, official government business]/
/Stamp: Attorney General’s Office of the People’s Court, Received April 18, 1943/

[Right-hand side of page:]

In original document, with the request: unlimited – limited – in a matter of a misdemeanor – in accordance with § 35 StRVO (please cross out whatever does not apply).

Location and date: Berlin, April 13, 1943

Signature: By order of /Signed: [Illegible]/, Justice Employee

Office: Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the People’s Court
8J 37/43

/Stamp: District Attorney’s Office, Rudolstadt, April 16, 1943/

To the District Attorney’s Office in Rudolstadt (Strafregister)
/Postmark: Berlin SW11, April 15, 1942 [sic]/


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (3)

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