Schüddekopf transfer to Neudeck prison

[Note 1] Bavarian Political Police [Note 2]

Munich, April 8, 1943, [blank] o’clock

D.St. 13226/43 II A Skdo. [Special Commission]

Reason for being in prison: Suspicion of participating in a highly treasonous activity

Status: Schüddekopf [sic] [Note 3]

Name: Katharina

Birth date and place: February 8, 1916 Magdeburg

Citizenship: German Reich

In custody, [the above-named] is to be transferred with the next police transport to the District Court of Munich, Neudeck prison, for determination regarding arrest.

By order of /Signature illegible/

Proceedings are enclosed.


Note 1: This was a preprinted form.

Note 2: Very unusual. Only other occurrence for White Rose persons: Susanne Hirzel.

Note 3: Status should have been University Student, with entire name (first and last name) on the “name” line.

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