Eickemeyer’s early life

I was born in Berlin, son of chief engineer Karl Eickemeyer and his wife Magdalena, a married couple. When I was 2 years old, my parents relocated to Munich. I was raised in Pöcking, where my parents had property. From 1909-1913, I attended elementary school there. In 1913/1914, I was in a monastery school in Fürstenstein near Passau.

At the beginning of the war [1914], I attended the Realschule in Landsberg am Lech, where I took the Abitur as a One-Year-Volunteer [Note 1]. Following that, I attended several occupational schools in Munich, such as the municipal trade school and the arts college [Note 2.

In 1921, I took the journeyman’s exam as a goldsmith and engraver. Following that, I was employed in my uncle’s workshop. My uncle was the architect Ludwig Eickemeyer, of Hohenzollern Str. 21 in Munich; he managed the famous art school Münchner Lehrwerkstätten. My employment there lasted until 1927. During this time, I also worked as an architect.

After the death of my uncle in 1927, I worked as an independent architect and interior designer. From 1931 till 1933, I was in Spain, where I was employed as an architect. In 1933, I returned to Munich and carried out various artistic [Note 3] and architectural projects. Here I had received various federal, municipal, and private contracts.


Note 1: Einjähriger. Before 1919, this was the educational standard required for one-year volunteers, two years before the Reifezeugnis.

Note 2: Kunstgewerbe. Trade or vocational school for artists.

Note 3: Painting.


Source: Initial interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 6, 1943

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