Bischoff’s view of visit to Falk in Chemnitz

Around January 1943, Scholl and Schmorell looked up the accused Harnack in Chemnitz. Harnack’s uncle is the famous professor Adolf von Harnack, and his deceased father was likewise a professor. …

When they met in Chemnitz, Scholl and Schmorell told the accused Harnack that they were aiming to put an end to the current form of government and replace it with a democracy. They tried to recruit him for their cause or to convince him to name suitable co-conspirators. Harnack refused them on both counts.


Editor’s note: From comparison of available dates, January 1943 is incorrect. This trip to Chemnitz had to have taken place in November 1942, as Lilo Ramdohr initially reported. Days in January are otherwise accounted for, and therefore unavailable for calendaring the trip to Chemnitz.


Source: Indictment dated April 8, 1943

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