Neudeck request re Grimminger money

Warden of Neudeck Prison
Munich, March 24, 1943
Tel: [blank], Extension: 281

Prisoner No. 1751/42
(Please cite in all correspondence.)

/Handwritten: 1 JS-So. 394-406/43 /

To: The Cost Accounting Department of the District Attorney’s Office, Munich 1

In response to intake request dated March 24, 1943, Reference: St.A.No. I, Department 1.

Grimminger Eugen had RM 111.00 [$888] when he was brought in. We hereby request a decree regarding RM 61.00 [$488] of this. If a decision has not been reached within 14 days of the preparation of this document, it will be assumed that there is no intention to take possession of – transfer –  RM 61.00.

By order of Name: /Signed: [Illegible]/
Administration – Inspector – Secretary
/Handwritten: Prison Administrator/

[Form No.] VollzO. A 23 Report regarding assets to be declared.
(Labor Administration Rawitsch. – T—0317) DinA5 148 x 210 mm, white


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (43)

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