Disposition of duplicating machine

/Stamp: R. Sperling, [Illegible] in [Illegible] near Grünau
König Street 31
Post bank account/Berlin No. 100667
Telephone: 659346
Office hours: 4-6 pm/

Berlin, May 14, 1943 [Note 1]
/Stamp: Reich Attorney General’s Office, People’s Court, received May 19, 1943/

To the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court, Berlin.

With regards to the criminal proceedings against Scholl et al, I have [illegible] the duplicating machine, Brand Rota-Preziosa No. [illegible].

It is valued at 30 Marks [$240.00]. Less acquisition costs [Note 2], 19.33 Marks [$154.64]. Leaving a remainder of 10.67 Marks [$85.36].


/Signature: R. Sperling/
[illegible] in Berlin.
Your file no. 1 8.J. 35.43.


Note 1: Except for the stamp, this document is entirely handwritten.

Note 2: These acquisition costs are enumerated on a separate sheet of paper that is very difficult to read, but includes such incidentals as 0.20 for telephone charges.


Source: ZC13267 (244)

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