Gisela’s farm work in Krauchenwies

Gisela always got along well especially with the farmers during her RAD service, because she liked to work. During that time, her letters home said that it would be nice if she could get to know the farmers in every part of Germany by steady agricultural service.

As long as Gisela was away from home, we heard nothing but praise for her achievements and conduct. We never received any complaints. We never thought this child could ever bring us sorrow. I can only imagine that Gisela has gotten into this situation by moving in circles that she was not ready for due to her modesty. She is easily influenced by people who are intellectually superior to her.

Characteristic of her finely developed inner life is her consistent inclination for Bach’s music, and her noticeable preference for Bach’s piano music. Gisela has not been able to play in public for the longest time because of her inhibitions. We parents were always happy that she played Bach for herself alone. …

We had the impression that playing the piano (Bach) helped Gisela get over her convulsions and inhibitions.


Source: April 2, 1943 Gestapo interview with Paul and Lotte Schertling

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