Ellermann (Schmorell)

At the meeting at my parents’ house in early summer 1942, a Dr. Heinrich Ellermann (not Petermann) participated in addition to Prof. Huber, the Scholl siblings, Miss Lafrenz, and Miss Schüttekopf [sic].

I know this Ellermann from Hamburg. But it is also possible that I met him at the Probst’s house in Ruhpolding. Ellermann was a teacher at the boarding schools Marquartstein where Christoph Probst was his pupil.

At that meeting, we discussed exclusively cultural and scholarly matters. Political remarks or those directed against the regime most certainly did not take place. Dr. Ellermann belongs to the Air Force in Munich. However, I have not seen him or talked to him in a long time.

At that time, my parents were not at home; they were on a trip.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 11, 1943 interrogation

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