Expense memorandum, first trial

File People’s Court, Berlin.
State Attorney General’s Office Munich I
With regards to: [blank]

/Stamp: [illegible] [Note 1], received March 6, 1943/
/Initials: [illegible]/

Scholl, Hans, Sophie, and Probst Christoph.

Expense Memorandum.

1) Expenses for prisoner transport the [illegible] from February 23 to February 25, 1943. In accordance with the notice received from Police Headquarters in Munichlocal authorities [illegible] in Munich dated February 27, 1943, 15/M. 24.00 Marks [$192.00].

2) Fees for expert witness. Fees for expert opinion.

3) [blank].

4) List of person compulsorily conveyed to Police Headquarters—to the local authorities.

5) Request for reimbursement from Court Cashier in Munich.

6) To the files. To the cashier of the People’s Court in Berlin.

Munich, March 4, 1943.
Division Bureau.
/Stamp: State Attorney General’s Office, Accounting Official/
/Signature: [illegible]/

To the cost analysis files.
/Initial: [illegible]/ March 8, 1943.
8J 35/43.

Expense Memorandum Schmöller & Meyr, Munich.


Note 1: Looks like Polizeipräsidium, or police headquarters. But top and bottom of stamp is very faint.


Source: ZC13267 (268)

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