Himmler response to Schmorell clemency petition

Reichsführer-SS and Chief of the German Police in the Reich Ministry of the Interior

Berlin SW 11, April 11, 1943
Prinz-Albert-Str. 8
Currently Field Headquarters
All correspondence is to be sent to
the address in Berlin

Vol. No. I/523/43 Ads. Sk/Fe.

Dear Party Member Hoffmann!

I have received the clemency petition dated March 17, 1943 on behalf of the student Alexander Schmorell, signed by you and both of your brothers.

I find it very decent on your part as an old member of the Party that you should wish to advocate on behalf of your sister and brother-in-law. Nevertheless, I am very sorry that I must advise you that I cannot support a pardon. I would be happy to grant you access to the investigative files so that you can determine for yourself that the reprehensible deeds of Alexander Schmorell (which certainly are largely attributable to his Russian bloodline) have earned a just punishment.

As thousands of valuable German people put their lives on the line for the Fatherland, it would be irresponsible to set aside the death sentence [Note 1] in this case. Occasionally an unworthy individual is found within a family – but then it is necessary to eliminate this one from the community of our nation and our kin.

Heil Hitler!

H. Himmler/


Note 1: Response dated April 10, 1943. Trial did not take place until April 19, 1943.


Source: RGWA (50)

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