Eickemeyer describes farewell party

Question: In the meantime, have you thought about when you left Munich for Cracow in the summer of 1942 and when you beforehand took part in a so-called farewell party in your studio?

Answer: As best as I can recall, it was the end of June or the beginning of July 1942. Anything more specific would have to come from the correspondence that is located in my studio.

When I am asked who invited people to this farewell party or who served tea and possibly pastries to the participants, I would have to say it was primarily Hans Scholl. I can still recall that I was rather surprised by the large number of participants and also a little annoyed. From the things Scholl had said, I had assumed it would be only a few people. No matter how hard I try, I cannot give any further details regarding the number of the participants. As far as I know, Sophie Scholl brought black tea. And if pastries truly were provided, then those had to have come from me.

Question: What would you like to state today regarding details of the topics of conversation that took place at this so-called farewell party?

Answer: In the meantime I have thought about this evening more and now can explain that if there were to have been conversations detrimental to the State among the other participants, I did not participate [in these conversations] mentally. It is far more the case that it is impossible that Hans Scholl as the mouthpiece declared himself to be an open opponent of the regime. If that had been the case, I would have tried to convince the participants otherwise or I would have asked the participants to leave my studio.

I myself remember this farewell party as having been completely harmless, where at most one of the students expressed his concerns about cultural matters or religious viewpoints. I am surprised to hear that the participants had already decided to seek out a circle of persons opposing the regime and to consider how one could eliminate the National Socialist State.

I can only imagine this true behavior thusly: The Scholl siblings at the head did not let me in on this matter, rather they were only trying to draw me into this circle or get my studio as a suitable meeting place. The Scholl siblings and their accomplices must have had second thoughts about including me in their plans, because neither during the farewell party in question nor on any other occasion did they show me one of the leaflets they had published nor did they drop any hints that would give me cause to believe that they were involved with the production and distribution of such leaflets.


Source: Second interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 7, 1943

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