Hans Scholl re letter from Carl Muth

After being shown a letter from Prof. Karl Muth (residing in Munich-Solln) to me dated October 19, 1942, I will give the following explanation:

Muth wrote this letter under the influence of the air raid on Munich. I myself was at the Eastern Front at the time. I could not say to what extent his description about the results of the air raid represents the facts of the matter, because I did not verify his statements. But I am aware that an air raid always looks worse than it actually is.

I can therefore well imagine that Professor Muth had no intention of exaggerating. This would be contrary to his entire nature.

Professor Muth is from Worms. He would have gotten his information about the results of the air raids in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mainz etc. from letters he received from family and friends in that region, as well as from the daily news. I know that Prof. Muth never exaggerates.

When he says in his letter that the house of B. is no longer inhabitable, he means the writer Werner Bergengrün.

To the question as to what Professor Muth meant with his statements that the inner life is always growing warmer and deeper, I will make the following statement: By “inner life” one generally understands this to mean the life of the soul, in contrast to the external [life].

Professor Muth is a thoroughly religious character. In his old age, his thoughts are not so much directed at the temporal, but rather at the supernatural. Professor Muth has neither influenced, incited, nor encouraged my activities. He knows absolutely nothing of my activities.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fifth interrogation, February 21, 1943

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