Leaflet V discussion with Kurt Huber (Schmorell)

Question: How did the second (sic) leaflet “Resistance Movement in Germany” come about, who worked on it, and who distributed it?

Answer: Initially Hans Scholl and I agreed to publish a leaflet. When I was finished with it (this took place in Scholl’s residence, and Prof. Huber joined us later), we compared our drafts. I recall precisely that Hans Scholl and Prof. Huber did not like my draft and objected to it. As long as I was in Scholl’s residence on the evening in question, Prof. Huber himself did not write a treasonous leaflet.

I read my draft aloud for Hans Scholl and Prof. Huber and could sense their rejection. Since I had been planning on attending a concert at the Odeon anyway, I did not stay in Scholl’s residence much longer, and left without having achieved my purpose. I therefore cannot say how the discussion between Scholl and Prof. Huber unfolded. Both of them stayed in Scholl’s residence after I left and wrote the leaflet “Resistance Movement in Germany” during my absence.


Note: “Second” leaflet, because with that fifth leaflet, the title changed from Leaflets of the White Rose to Leaflets of the Resistance in Germany.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 1, 1943 interrogation

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