Gisela Schertling: Daily routines

Remonstrance and question: Our additional investigations have determined that you and the Scholl siblings – but especially you and Hans Scholl – had a very close relationship. Therefore, your statements are no longer credible when you say you knew nothing about the entire activity. Do you not wish to finally tell the truth in this regard?

Answer: I admit that I was with the Scholl siblings, and particularly with Hans Scholl, nearly every day. My being with them was as follows:

Sophie Scholl and I attended Prof. Huber’s lectures together. The lectures were always from 10:15 am to 11 am. Afterwards, I would go eat lunch with Sophie Scholl.

We usually ate at the “Brenessel” [Stinging Nettle], the “Deutscher Kaiser” [German Emperor] on Wilhelm Str., or in an Italian restaurant the “Bodega” in Schwabing. Sometimes we prepared a meal in [Hans] Scholl’s apartment. On those occasions, Hans Scholl was usually there.

We almost always hung out in [Hans] Scholl’s apartment, where we occupied ourselves with classical literature and magazines. It was then usually 2:30 pm when I left the apartment. Sometimes however I would stay all afternoon. In those cases, we usually ate supper together and often would talk until around midnight.


Source: Gisela Schertling’s interrogation dated March 29, 1943

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