Monsieur Rousset

Question: You yourself introduced a person to the Scholl circle, and to date, you have not named this person. Who was this person and what was the reason that you introduced this person to Scholl?

Answer: This person is a lecturer at the University of Munich named Rousset. The first time [I introduced him to Scholl’s circle] was for a literary evening in Eickemeyer’s studio in the summer of 1942 before summer break. At that time, there was a reading about French literature. This reading was limited solely to literary matters.

Only Lafrenz, Eickemeyer, Furtmeier, Rousset, and I took part. The Scholl siblings were not present that evening and politics was not even touched upon.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, April 1, 1943

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