Gestapo summary: Group dynamics

Until her arrest, she was almost exclusively with the Scholl siblings. She often stayed in their apartment. In so doing, she was a witness to the treasonous words uttered by Hans Scholl and his circle on several occasions.

Schertling had had a good National Socialist education at home and had belonged to various National Socialist young girls’ organizations [Note 1]. Therefore she thought and acted like a National Socialist.

At the beginning, she tried to rebut the treasonous ideas of the Scholl siblings. But on one occasion Hans Scholl said that he would rid her of her “Prussian way of thinking”. Hans Scholl was then able to conquer the last of her extant political challenges through his powers of persuasion.


Note 1: Did not use the term Jungmädel, but rather Jungmädchenorganisationen.


Source: April 5, 1943 Gestapo memorandum

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