Alexander Schmorell re Traute Lafrenz

I know a female student named Lafrenz – who is from Hamburg and currently studies in Munich – only casually from [my time in] Hamburg. I introduced Miss Lafrenz to the Scholl siblings. She dropped by the Scholl siblings’ residence often, but I do not believe that she learned about our treasonous propaganda from the Scholl siblings. I know Miss Lafrenz only casually and would be wary about trusting /added by hand: her/ with such a thing.


Dating this post as January 18 because it is the last known time that Traute Lafrenz visited the Scholls at their home. (She continued to participate in ‘meetings’ on campus and at the studio, and continued to associate with Willi Graf.)-Ed.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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