Gisela’s corrections re meeting with Dohrn

Probst’s father-in-law Mr. Dohrn was not in Scholl’s apartment on Franz Joseph Strasse, but rather in Eickemeyer’s studio on Leopold Str. As I recall, I saw him there twice. I had the impression that the meeting had been arranged with Hans Scholl.

On those [two] evenings, there was a larger circle of persons present. As I recall, the following were present: Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, Willi Graf, Furtwängler, Probst, Geyer, Furtmeier, and probably Eickemeyer. I must correct my statement. Furtmeier was not present. That was Eickemeyer. There was another [male] student present whom Furtwängler introduced. I cannot recall that student’s name at the moment, but it began with Sch. …

During the first meeting, they primarily talked about politics. … I noticed that Hans Scholl and Probst’s father-in-law primarily led the discussion. From Dohrn’s conversation, I could tell that he was basically opposed to the National Socialist State. He championed the Catholic point of view very fanatically and was critical of the fact that the Church’s freedom had been so limited by National Socialism.

He also spoke out against Prussianness. One could tell from his utterances that he was against the unification of the Reich. He certainly criticized the leadership for having built the current State on the basis of the Prussian authoritarian state [Machtstaat]. He then also spoke of the contrasts between Prussia and Bavaria.

I cannot recall further details from Dohrn’s utterances. After that, I never saw Dohrn in Scholl’s apartment. I do not know if they ever met in Bad Wiessee.


Editor’s note: Contrary to Gisela Schertling’s statement, Manfred Eickemeyer was not present at this meeting. He had already returned to Cracow.


Source: March 31, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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