Willi Graf’s political views

Following various discussions with Schmoll (sic) [Note 1], I knew that he had a negative attitude towards the current regime. For example, he rejected its authoritarian national leadership and its Führerprinzip [authoritarian principle] and championed more the point of view of a democracy.

In contrast, I championed the view that the authoritarian form of government was the best and surest solution for Germany, provided that – as one is wont to say – the right man is in the right place. In my opinion, this is simply not the case these days. Scholl, Schmorell, and I discussed this topic on many occasions. …

After skimming this draft [Leaflet 5], I championed the opinion that a future German State was unthinkable in that form because I am of the opinion (as I have already mentioned) that an authoritarian government is or would be most suited for us.


Note 1: It appears like they tried to correct it, but it is unclear whether they corrected it to read Scholl or Schmorell.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Willi Graf, February 26, 1943

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