More about Gisela and Sophie mailing leaflets

I also knew that it would be completely useless and futile to try to convince Hans Scholl not to distribute the leaflets. Therefore I did not try to argue my viewpoint.

That is also why I did not object when Sophie Scholl took the leaflets to be mailed. When I helped her put the leaflets in the mailbox, I thought it simply had to take its course. I thought there was nothing else I could do. Continue reading

Remington typewriter, February 1943

[Karl Pötzl]: As far as I know, Schmorell borrowed the typewriter for the last time about 8 days before he was arrested; he got it from my 16-year-old brother Hermann Pötzl. My younger brother told me that he came around the time I have stated and borrowed the typewriter without giving a reason for needing it.


Note 1: The date (“about 8 days before he was arrested”) ties to the activities of the White Rose group as detailed by Willi Graf’s diary and Gisela Schertling’s interrogations.


Source: Karl Pötzl’s March 10, 1943 statement.

Alexander Schmorell re hiding duplicating machine

When we were finished duplicating our leaflets, we took the duplicating machine to the property Leopold Str. 38, studio, cellar, purely out of security considerations. Hans Scholl /added by hand: and/ I carried this out. In so doing, we were in agreement that production of leaflets would be only temporarily suspended and that should the appropriate occasion arise, we would do it again. Continue reading

Alexander Schmorell re February 18 plan

After the leaflets were mailed, there were still some leaflets left over. It is possible there were 1,500 – 1,800 leaflets. To be rid of these, Scholl and I agreed to set out the rest of the leaflets at the university in front of the doors to the lecture halls shortly before lectures ended. This idea came from either Scholl or me. In any case, we were temporarily in agreement about this plan. Neither Sofie Scholl nor Graf was present during this discussion. I cannot say whether Hans Scholl possibly told Willi Graf about our plan later. Continue reading