Max Stefl

The State Police Headquarters in Vienna reported that Dr. Max Stefl [Note 1], a resident of Munich, was temporarily in Vienna at the critical time in question [when the leaflets were distributed there]. Stefl is a former National Librarian, born September 15, 1888 in Nuremberg. He currently resides at Lotzbeck Str. 3/I in Munich. His personal history, degree of education, and intellectual and political attitudes make him a good match for the profile of the perpetrator [of the distribution activities] or of the writer of the contents of the leaflet. Continue reading

Gisela becomes suspicious

Otherwise, I cannot think of anyone else who participated in meetings with Hans Scholl. I believe I have already characterized the individual persons insofar as I noticed their political conversation. I must emphasize now as before that during all these meetings, I never thought that this circle could have been working actively against the current regime. Continue reading

Decision to “scatter” at the university

After I had finished mailing these leaflets and was convinced that my plan had been successful (I sent one to myself and was notified [of delivery] before by at least Schmorell and Graf), I had the idea to distribute the remaining leaflets among the student body or rather at the university. When my sister returned to Munich on Sunday, February 12 14, 1943, I showed her the leaflets I had produced and determined that she was in agreement with their content.


General note: The dating of this decision is directly linked to Alex Schmorell’s burning of his uniform and paybook, which likely took place on February 11, 1943. More about this once Lilo Ramdohr’s information is uploaded. Additionally, the comment about showing the leaflet to Sophie Scholl on February 14 comes after Hans Scholl’s comment about making the decision to scatter the leaflets at the university.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943 (after 4 a.m.)

Hans Scholl purchase of postage stamps

Question: Have you purchased large quantities of postage stamps recently? If so, where and what denominations did you purchase?

Answer: I have never purchased large quantities of postage stamps. Except for about 4 or 5 days ago, when I purchased 10 stamps @ 12-Pfennig each at the post office near Danziger Freiheit [Plaza]. I used these stamps to mail the following letters: Continue reading