Verdict (first trial)

After the public was readmitted to the proceedings, The President [of the Council] pronounced the following verdict:

[Note 1] In the name of the German people!

During a time of war, the accused have aided and abetted the enemies of the Reich and demoralized the armed forces called for the downfall of the Reich in leaflets and [illegible, but struck through] [very long illegible section (Note 2)] and they have aided and abetted the enemies of the Reich and demoralized its armed forces. [Illegible.]

By order of the representative of the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, it was decided and announced that:

The oral justification of the verdict shall not be publicly disclosed for reasons of national security. A gag order shall be issued for all those present.

This decision was executed.

The most important portions of the justification of the verdict were then announced.


Note 1: The handwriting of the verdict is not the same as the handwriting for the rest of the document. Most of the document is written in a clear, legible hand. This verdict is in a hand that resembles what one associates with doctor’s prescriptions. Fortunately, it was written large, about five times the size of the other cursive. Likely Freisler’s handwriting, but not identified as such.

Note 2: It is difficult even to tell what the writer struck through and what was kept. He wrote in the margins and sideways.

General note regarding the struck-through note about justification of the verdict: The “reasons” section of the trial document and verdict is missing from this copy of the trial transcript.


Source: Handwritten trial transcript, February 22, 1943

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