Alex invites Russian women to studio

The extent of Schmorell’s association with Hans Scholl is surely well enough known by now. I saw him with Scholl very often. He probably worked at Scholl’s apartment.

One could tell that he was completely sympathetic to Russia. He sought the company of [female] Russians. I do not know which Russians he associated with. I can now recall that he brought girls to Scholl’s apartment on several occasions. Sophie Scholl told me that they were Russians. But these girls appeared harmless to me.

I do not believe that they talked about political or treasonous matters in their presence. I did not note the names of these girls. I only know that one of them was called Natasche.

I also know that at the beginning of February, Schmorell met with several Russian women (he said it was 30) in Eickemeyer’s studio. But I do not know what they did there.


Source: April 2, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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