Attendees at the Haecker reading

Schmorell Alexander, Graf Willi, Geier [Note 1] from Ulm, Furtmeier from Munich, Christoph Probst, Professor Huber, Falk Harnack, Traute Lafrenz, Karin [sic] Schüddekopf, Jäger [Note 1] [sic] from Munich, Otto Aicher from Ulm, Eickemayr [Note 1][sic], Bäuerle or Feuerle from Ulm (work colleague of Geyer).

The circle of friends described above – with the exception of Professor Huber, Jäger, and Harnack – was also present on the occasion of the invitations to Eickemeyer’s studio. Also present on the occasion of the invitations in Eickemeyer’s studio:

Dohrn (father-in-law of Christoph Probst), the bookstore owner Söntken [Note 1] [sic] from Munich, Anneliese Graf, Furtwängler from Munich (1st Student Company), Dr. Ellermann, publisher from Munich, along with his wife, Hecker [Note 1] [sic], writer from Munich, a bookstore owner from Aulendorf near Ulm [Note 2], whose name I do not know, and in addition, the French teacher from the University of Munich [Note 3], whose name I also do not recall at present.

Several [male] students I do not know also took part in these events. I myself attended these events approximately four times and determined that the meetings were more of a social nature.


Note 1: Throughout Gisela Schertling’s interrogations, Geyer was incorrectly written as Geier; Eickemeyer was incorrectly written as Eickemayr; Söhngen was incorrectly written as Söntken; and, Haecker was incorrectly written as Hecker.

Note 2: This was Josef Rieck.

Note 3: Katharina Schüddekopf’s friend Monsieur Rousset.

Editor’s notes: Gisela’s error here with regards to Gerhard Feuerle (that he was a work colleague of Wilhelm Geyer) unfortunately has been picked up by White Rose establishment in Germany as “truth”. In fact, Feuerle was the young son of a family friend, who briefly attended university in Munich. He had a crush on Sophie Scholl (unrequited love) and attended some of their functions, both intellectual and fun.

Additionally, Gisela Schertling gives these names as participants in most if not all events at Eickemeyer’s studio. This long list applies almost solely to the Haecker reading. People like Söhngen did not attend anything else.

Conspicuous by his absence: Wittenstein.


Source: April 2, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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