Otl Aicher visits Sophie

Aicher arrived around 3 pm. We all went for a walk through the English Gardens. I could tell from their conversation that Sophie Scholl and Aicher were very close friends [Note 1].

But I did not have the impression that Aicher knew about their illegal activity. During this walk and indeed the whole time Aicher was there, they certainly did not talk about the leaflet matter.

When we crossed Ludwig Str. at Von-der-Tann Str., Sophie Scholl did indeed point out the graffiti that had been painted there. Sophie Scholl said that slogans like that had been painted on Ludwig Street and at the university. But she never clearly stated that she knew who had done it.

Aicher took note of that and declared asked if these people hadn’t already been arrested. Otherwise, nothing was said about it.


Note 1: Freundschaftsverhältnis.


Source: April 1, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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