Immediate aftermath of arrests (Alexander Schmorell)

Now I will return to February 18, 1943, when Hans Scholl was taken into custody at the university for suspicion of distributing treasonous leaflets.

As I have already stated, Scholl and I spoke a day or two earlier about setting out the remaining leaflets, perhaps at the University of Munich. We did not make any more specific plans regarding when this was to take place or who should carry it out.

I was therefore very surprised when I arrived at the university by streetcar around noon on February 18, 1943. By chance I ran into a medical student named Eichhorn. He told me that apparently two [male] students had just been arrested inside the university for distributing treasonous flyers. But Eichhorn did not know the names of the students who had been arrested. Nevertheless, I immediately thought of Hans Scholl and tried to call him from a public telephone. But I could not get through. Further attempts to reach Scholl were likewise unsuccessful.


Ed. Note: I left this – and the remainder of Alexander Schmorell’s ‘statements’ about the events of February 18 – 24 – in this database, even though it is more likely that he was covering for Lilo Ramdohr, Willi Graf, Josef Söhngen, and others with whom he actually had contact during this time.


Source: RGWA, February 26, 1943 interrogation of Alexander Schmorell.

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